Freedom of Movement for Workers

Tuesday, 28 November 2017
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How to respond to local workers fears of being crowded out of the labour market? The pan-European media network EURACTIV invites you to this high-level forum to discuss the future of freedom of movement for workers.

Freedom of movement for workers is one of the founding principles of the European Union but it has also created fears of unfair competition. How can we address these doubts, protect the working conditions and, at the same time, avoid distortions in the labour market?

The European Commission has proposed legislative measures related to free movement, in particular to avoid social dumping. Some member States are debating how to enforce local regulations while also maintaining flexibility in the job market and open borders between countries.

Switzerland has a long experience in this field since the bilateral Agreement with the EU on the free movement of persons entered into force in 2002 (AFMP). What lessons can be drawn from the Swiss experience in managing FMP to inspire similar measures in the EU?