BREXIT : a 'toolkit' to facilitate the registration of EU workers

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

As a direct consequence of Brexit, the immigration status of EU citizens is bound to evolve. In anticipation of these changes, the Home Office has unveiled a 'toolkit' to help UK employers register EU workers.

On June 21st 2018 the British government published a statement of intent regarding the future status of EU citizens living in the UK. The document is evidence of the incumbent government's will to regulate EU immigration. For instance, it lays out a compulsory registration system which applicants will have to pay for. To endow this statement with a more practical dimension, the Home Office, led by Sajid Javid, has unveiled a series of explanatory materials designed to help UK employers guide EU workers through the aforementioned application process. The toolkit consists of several videos, leaflets, how-to guides and posters.

Between 3.5 and 3.8 million EU citizens currently work in the UK. Nicolas Hatton, chair of the 3 Million, a campaign which aims to preserve the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, considers the unveiling of the kit to be premature, seeing that the exact terms of the divorce between the EU and the UK have not yet been laid down. The new registration procedure is to be trialled starting August 28th 2018. Three liverpool universities and twelve NHS trusts will take part in the trial. Concerns have already been raised regarding a procedure which is seen as complex, costly and lacking attentiveness to specific circumstances.