DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe

March 2016

The DECIDE project (DEmocratic Compact: Improving Democracy in Europe), has delivered its final outcome: a democratic compact, or a set a set of measures that are needed in Europe to increase the quality of democracy and citizen participation.

During about two years, a set of 22 measures were identified, exchanged, further elaborated and tested by over 25 project partners from 14 countries. They are gathered in the Democratic Compact, which covers the following themes:

  • Support to NGOs, 
  • Use of public space,
  • Youth participation,
  • Promoting the participation of disadvantaged groups,
  • Media and E-participation,
  • Other measures.

If you are looking to fulfil one or more of the following objectives, this publication can inspire you:

  • Empowering citizens to play a full part in the democratic life of the EU;
  • Developing a sense of European identity, based on common values, history and culture;
  • Fostering a sense of ownership of the European Union among its citizens;
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue;
  • Fostering citizens’ participation through volunteering;
  • Promoting equal opportunities;
  • Developing a thematic and long-lasting cooperation between towns;
  • Raising awareness, reflection and debate on the relevance and implications of EU policies on citizens’ daily lives.