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We must save the european Citizen – a “C plan” to give Europe back to its citizens

January 2008

The assumption underlying the book written by Henri Malosse and Bruno Vever is the following: European citizens do not have the feeling that their daily expectations and needs are taken into account by the European institutions. The NO votes expressed during referendums by Dutch and French citizens in 2005 and the Irish citizens in 2008 are a concrete proof of the unpopular image of Europe among its citizens.

Based on the reality mentioned above , the authors question the causes of this failure and draw up a “plan C”, which outlines both the weaknesses and successes of Europe. It also suggests innovative solutions from the perspective of a new distribution of European structural funds according to the development level of various Regions.

According to them, among the elements to be improved are the following: the common culture, the governance, the single market, the European regional development model, the common currency, the integration process, and of course the citizens participation. Communication, a  cross cutting theme for all these elements would greatly benefit from a closer relationship between Europe and its citizens. 

The message of the 2 authors is straightforward : we need to draw up a real “road map” that attempts to answer point by point to citizens expectations, with deadlines and concrete tools for implementation. “We have to plan a concrete, multi annual coherent and structured program to fight against the delays and the failures of the European construction which constantly reinforce the legitimate dissatisfactions and complaints of European citizens.” (p.227)

The book is rich in new interesting and innovative proposals, which try to lead the way out of the crisis through the citizens' door… to be followed!