Stop the impunity of corporations !

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Over 200 European organisations launched a petition requiring to end corporate privileges. The movement demands a tough global system that can punish multinational companies for their crimes and the end of ISDS, a parallel justice system.

An alliance of trade unions, organisations and social movements is campaigning in favour of corporate accountability rules for companies.

The coalition denounces the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system, an unfair and parallel justice system for corporations. The ISDS system enables multinational companies to threaten governments that dare to stand up to them. The ISDS system is creating a permanent global court where corporations will sue states. In the EU, member states want to scale-up the ISDS system on the pretext to protect domestic trade.

The alliance is pushing for a global system that punishes multinationals for human rights abuses. Corporations indeed take advantage of opaque ownership structure, do tax evasion and perpetuate human rights and environmental abuses. The petition demands a new system to hold corporations accountable.

Ensuring a social and climate justice involves to let people exercising their rights and to be protected from multinational companies. We need to make sure our European politicians wake up and recognize the rights of people, because what corporations need are rules and not much power.


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